Want six-pack abs? Here are 7 Myths and Facts you should know!

May 7, 2019

We all love and crave that elusive six-pack, and while that may be motivation enough for a lot of us, just having “nice abs” really isn’t enough on its own.

What we really should be focusing on is having a strong, solid midsection. Why you ask? because, all movement are powered by your core - think of it as the link between your upper and lower body. There are so many awesome benefits for your body that come from improving core strength via various exercises like planks, shoulder taps etc ; it improves posture, prevents back pain, makes you more effective at exercises and a whole lot more.

However, a lot of us have been misguided into thinking a 6-pack or “nice looking” abs are everything and the only thing we need to focus on, but that’s not the entire picture. Let's go through some common myths and misconceptions of getting “six-pack” abs and learn the real truths about them. 

Myth 1 : Everybody can have a six-pack

Truth : The form of your abs are entirely dependent on your genetics. Some people have 4, others may have 6, or even 8. There are also people who don't have "visually apparent" abs no matter how hard they work on it. It really all depends on what your mama and daddy gave you. Abs come in all kinds of different shapes

Myth 2: Training your abs increases abdominal definition

Truth: In order for your abs to become visible, you have to first lose body fat. No amount of crunches, ab machines, squats, deadlifts or other forms of exercise will increase the definition of your abs as much as a healthy diet targeted towards losing body fat will.

Myth 3: Products like “special teas” will give you a flat tummy + abs

Truth: You can drink all the tea in the world, but if your overall diet is not good, you won’t lose body fat and your abs will remain covered. Most companies who market “special teas” and other similar products, often use paid fitness models to promote false information. Diet is the most important thing when it comes to “shaping your abs”.

Myth 4: Six pack abs are the symbol of health

Truth: Being healthy does not require six-pack abs nor is it a symbol of health. You can have “visible abs” and still be unhealthy. Other factors such as your weight, height and overall body fat percentage are a better indicator of your overall health.

Myth 5: Get 6 pack abs instantly!

Truth: Abs cannot be achieved overnight. Time, dedication and patience accompanied with clean eating and a good exercise regimen will get you closest to your dream body.

Myth 6: Visible abs equal strength

Truth: Having visible abs does not mean you have a strong core. You can have “invisible” abs that are also pretty strong. A good example would be a heavyweight boxer or a sumo fighter. Their abs may be hidden from the eye but they are pretty strong compared to the average person. Just because your abs are covered by fat, does not mean they are not strong.

Myth 7: Abs should be trained daily

Truth: There is no need to train your abs daily. Most core exercises also target the lower back which you definitely do not want getting hurt - It is one of the muscle areas that require the most time to recover. Training your abs a few times a week will provide plenty of stimulation.


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