All the reasons why you should be jump rope training!

Jul 17, 2019

On days I’m feeling like a total badass and want to just get in a quick cardio session without having to leave my house, I grab my jump ropes, turn on some music and just skip!

Jumping rope (or skipping as some of us call it) is the ultimate busy girl’s high intensity workout.

You burn way more calories (up to 200 calories with a single 10 to 15 minute rope jump session) compared to jogging where you may only burn half as much as those calories given the same amount of time.

It brings back sooo many fun childhood memories and you can get as creative as you want with different styles of skipping. What I love most about it is that, no matter your skill level, anybody can (learn how to) jump rope.

Here are some other great reasons why you should incorporate jump ropes into your fitness routine:

Burn fat, get strong

If you want to burn fat and get stronger, then jumping rope will do just that. Doing it regularly can definitely help you become shredded and seriously improve your cardio. It’s one of the main reasons it’s so popular with athletes.

It’s a total body workout.

Yup! Jumping rope works most of the muscles in your body. It uses your abs to stabilize the body, your arms and shoulders to turn the rope, and your legs to jump, fully engaging the calf muscles to continuously push off the ground. 

It's travel friendly

Simply roll it up, throw it into your backpack or suitcase (or even your purse) and you can take it with you wherever you go. It is no doubt one of the best and easiest ways to build up your strength and cardio fitness on the go.

It's almost free!

Once you’ve bought your rope, skipping is a zero-cost workout. All you need is a properly sized jump rope, and depending on your preference, it should cost you anywhere between $7 and $25. Once purchased, it's yours to keep forever. It's a small cost with massive rewards. Yess to that!

Great for all fitness levels

You don’t have to be a pro - It's great for all fitness levels. You can do it at a pace that suits you and work your way up as you learn different styles and fun techniques.

Boost your balance and coordination

Skipping also works wonders on your balance, focus and co-ordination which helps with any other sports and activities you might love too!

Have fun and do it anywhere! 

Grab a friend, or your kids, or even do it solo. All you need is a good surface and a bit of open space and you can easily fit your workout into your busy day.

Go ahead and try a short Jump rope workout session. Set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, get creative and see how much it makes you sweat! :)


Dreyah, for Every Fit Girl

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