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How can I lose weight?

There is no big secret to weight-loss, it’s simply a lifestyle change. Diets don’t work because they’re temporary. They have a start and end date, which means they're not sustainable long term. Small changes make big differences, you don’t always have to remove things from your life to lose weight, sometimes it’s about swapping it for a healthier alternative or adding a new routine to your day. Anyone can succeed, if they really want it.

How can I gain-weight?

There are also no big secrets to healthy weight-gain, it’s simply a lifestyle change. To gain healthy weight, you would need to consume more calories than you regularly burn everyday. It's also important to keep your meals as healthy and clean as possible while doing so. Always remember, It's quality over quantity. To get the most out of your gains, try to keep a consistent lifting or workout schedule that challenges you every time.